Kilted Tables

I started making tables a couple years ago. It started out with buying wood at a local hardware store and adding little touches with tile. Last year, I decided to use some of fence from our backyard to make a patio table for our backyard patio. Then my wife and I went down to Santa Fe, and we were walking through some of the art shops on the Plaza and I saw some tables made from mesquite that had turquoise inlayed in various cracks and was amazed by the beauty of the combination. I spent the next week or so watching every youtube video I could find to learn how to do turquoise inlay. Now, just about any wood I look for, knots and cracks have new meaning. They present new and more creative ways of finishing a table.

The tables I make will tend to be made from any reclaimed lumber – old cedar fence, barnwood, slabs from trees that were blown or fell down, pallets, etc. My favorite style is farmhouse tables, because they are so diverse in structure, it allows creativity to run rampant. I currently work out of my garage, and half of the driveway, which means I can only work when the weather cooperates. Pretty much all of my tools are on wheels, as are my tables, which makes putting things away each night much easier.